Mr. Y.S.Anand Reddy
Mr. Anand Reddy’s vast repertoire of experience extends over five decades of breaking ground and building large infrastructure projects in far flung and remote areas. Always adventurous and ready for a challenge, Mr. Anand Reddy garnered experience from a young age and was widely acknowledged as a trailblazer in the field of construction in his time. The company is guided by his experience gaining insight into innovative and bold ideas often working in challenging terrains.
Mr. Y.S.Rajesh Reddy
Managing Director
With experience in managing engineering and construction projects spanning about three decades, Y.S. Rajesh Reddy has come to be reckoned as a person of outstanding integrity and a deep passion for maintaining excellence in the workplace. He takes extreme care to personally guide and supervise every project, large or small that ASIP undertakes so as to deliver the best possible results in an agreed upon time frame.
Mr. Rajesh Reddy has the unique ability for consensus building and engaging in multi-national and cross-border associations with renowned companies such as, IJM & GHF of Malaysia, UGCC of Kuwait, Vijay Group and others. His dynamic outlook
and team management capabilities helped the company earn goodwill with each project he undertook.
Mr. Rajesh Reddy has grown his company to be firmly placed in the league with players who have been in this field a lot longer with much larger resources.
Mr. L.Madhukar Reddy
Executive Director-Projects
After completing his BTech, Mr. L.M. Reddy joined his father’s business as a Managing Partner gaining valuable insights in project management in complex projects involving railway contracts, earthwork, track renewals, gauge conversion works, etc.
Madhu is passionate about his commitment to manage projects without compromises and adhering to agreed upon targets. His vast repertoire of experience makes him acutely conscious of commitments made to customers and the impact any mismanagement of schedules would have on project deadlines. He has overseen close to a dozen projects at ASIP since he started in 2002 and has been and is keenly focused on adhering to standards and timelines.
Mr. D.B.Srinivas
General Manager , Internal Audit
Srinivas has been with ASIP since its inception. Mr. Rajesh Reddy, realizing that success can only built on a firm footing of accountability appointed Srinivas who had proven credentials to provide unerring guidance in the realm of accounting and compliance.
Srinivas interacts with outside counsel and auditors and keeps a close and faultless watch on all finance and compliance related functions within ASIP. For Srinivas, this role is not a function of an appointment in a firm, it’s a natural instinct that he abides by reminding all at ASIP that accuracy is not accidental and it’s a goal we must all strive toward.
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